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Common stucco an exterior render prepared from hydraulic lime, sand and hair Rough stucco a fine plaster of sand and lime made from chalk or a very pure limestone which was used internally to imitate stonework Bastard stucco a superior render prepared from fat lime putty (that is to say, non-hydraulic) and fine washed sand which was applied to a good backing coat, scoured and either polished or left floated Trowelled stucco a fat lime render applied as a normal finishing coat, scoured, polished and painted.Denver Stucco Contractors, stucco home inspector, stucco painting, plasterers, synthetic stucco, stucco caulking, plaster, stucco bond, kickout Flashing, termites stucco, certified stucco inspector, mold inspector, eefs, stone veneer, plaster repair, building restoration, mold inspections, mold inspection, toxic, indoor air quality, Woodpecker Damage Repair, Water Proof,


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