Stucco Restoration & Renovation in Denver, CO

All American Stucco would like the opportunity to take care of all your needs in:

Stucco Water Damage


Our team consists of trained and skilled personal covering every aspect of the restoration process

We repair projects, from small single family homes to large HOA communities. schools, shopping malls, etc.

Restoration is our speciality. Our commitment is to make every project a success by addressing each possible issue.

Water penetration is one of the greatest factors in deteriorating EIFS. A proper system of moisture evacuation and prevention is critical to protecting the value of your home. We are experts in all kind of remediation such as caulking, flashing, waterproofing, cracks, hail damage, kickout flashing, window pan, replacing partial or total delamination of substrate areas, following the inspector's report. We are a MOISTURE FREE CORPORATION CERTIFIED REPAIR CONTRACTOR.

Frozen Stucco

Frozen Stucco


Applying the stucco during the cold months can be done, but one must wait for a warm day so that you can ensure that the stucco will dry properly. If the temperatures are too cold then the stucco will freeze. An easy way to detect if the stucco is frozen will be due to millions of micro cracks throughout the stucco and the brown coat will crumble.


Durability and beauty are principle reasons people choose stucco. Occasionally, however foundation settling or impact damage can cause cracks or openings to develop. When this occurs, it is essential to repair the damage as soon as possible. Neglecting such damage gives water an opportunity to penetrate and damage the underlying structure. Don't let this happen! We can assist you in assessing the damage and provide expert repair services.